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Main Menu Page for DTV Slimline Dish

01-DSSatTool 02-DSSatTool-GetLat-Long 03-DSSatTool3 04-IMG_1513 05-IMG_1508
DSSatTool Step 1 DSSatTool Step 2 DSSatTool Step 3 Start the process Tripod Step 1
06-IMG_1509 07-IMG_1518 08-IMG_1510 09-IMG_1511 10-IMG_1512
Level the Tripod Getting the Dish Ready Setting the Skew Elevation tool Cables Attached
11-IMG_1515 12-IMG_1514 13-IMG_1516 14-IMG_1517 15-IMG_1519
Getting Started Communications Signal Strength Signal Meters Meter on Signal
16-IMG_1520 17-IMG_1521 18-IMG_1522    
We're on 101 Looks good on 99 OK on 103

These are the steps we use to set up our DTV Slimline dish. We use an SL-3 on the road now, but we used to use an SL-5. There was no difference in process because we had no need for reception on 110 and 119, so I set the SL5 up in the DVR setup menu as an SL-3. :-)